This site will no longer be available from February 2018 because it has been superseded.

For general public users, please use My FireWatch

For professionals such as career fire or land managers, please use FireWatch Pro, which now comes with 10 minute imagery refreshes (from Himawari 8) and improved basemaps.

For other Firewatch systems and further information, please visit the FireWatch info page

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Please note the following limitations of the Landgate FireWatch Hotspots:

  • The hotspots mapped are updated roughly every 2 to 4 hours depending on the availability of satellites.
  • The accuracy of the hotspot location is +/- 2 km. At the edge of satellite images the position of the hotspots can be up to 5 kms out and spread in an east / west direction.
  • The symbol used to represent hotspots on the website does not indicate the size of the fire.
  • With automated methods of fire hotspot detection, not all hotspots are detected by the satellites. Some heat sources may be too small, not hot enough, or obscured by thick smoke or cloud. The satellites detect any heat source that is hotter than its surroundings or looks hotter than its surroundings. This may include gas flares, refinery furnaces or highly reflective large industrial roofs.

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